Located just below historic Makawao Town between Sunnyside and Haiku there's a coffee farm that beautifully co-exists with nature: Maliko Estate Coffee. Maliko Stream is lined with kukui trees and these trees shade the Bourbon coffee orchard lovingly maintained by Maurice and Sydney Smith.

 A thick carpet of leaf mulch, kukui nuts and wood chips cover the paths between the rows of Maliko's coffee trees. Wild Hawaiian ginger, heliconia and wild bananas all thrive beneath the forest canopy. Pueo (native owls), nene (Hawaiian geese), plovers, stilts, majiros, hwamei, egrets and mynah birds are just some of the numerous bird species to be found here.

Coffee is related to the gardenia. When coffee blooms, a few days after a good rain, the valley is filled with the intoxicating fragrance.