Welcome to Maliko Coffee Cottages

Maui County Vacation Rental Permit # STPH 2015/0001 SUP 2013/0015 TAT 098-493-4400-01

Both cottages are private, stand-alone cottages on the 20 acre Maliko Estate Coffee Farm, located near Makawao Town.

Maliko Retreat is a 2 bedroom ocean view cottage.
Maliko Coffee Cabin is a 1 bedroom open-concept, ocean view cottage.
Both are completely private. Both are close to town and North Shore beaches but have the feel of Hana without the drive. Both have ocean and seasonal waterfall views.

What can we say about Sydney and her property that hasn't already been said? The location was perfect - close to all of what Maui has to offer, yet just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of tourists. The house offers views that can't be described (seriously, one entire wall in the loft is made of windows - yet it offers complete privacy). The landscape is breathtaking and provides an abundance of fruit that you may enjoy during your stay. Sydney, the host, is one of the nicest, most passionate people you could ever hope to meet! She was very quick to reply to our booking request, and communication was fantastic both before and after our arrival. She was happy to answer any questions we had about the land or Maui in general, and even provided us with information on activities that were taking place around the area during our stay! The house was well equipped (even has a guitar!!), and comfortable enough that we spent a whole day just hanging out in the house. The coffee grown on the land is incredible (it's the only coffee that I have ever enjoyed black). It is so good that we have set aside our Keurig, bought a coffee grinder and traditional coffee maker, just so we can brew it here at home. On the coldest of days (-40 last week) it's a nice little reminder of our amazing trip to Maui, and our wonderful stay at Maliko Retreat!                        
                                                              —Dawn Wood, Sylvan Lake, Alberta, Canada
This place is incredible. Extremely private, on 20 acres with all kinds of wild plants, fruits, waterfalls, and (small) wildlife. Lots of sun and mist followed by rainbows -- including some nighttime ones lit by the full moon if you're lucky. Near by "hippie town" Paia with a great grocery store (Mana) and cute shops and the North Shore, good balance of remoteness with convenience. Also check out the Sacred Garden just a few minutes down the road, a really pretty place to spend some time and walk the Labyrinth. Highly recommended if you're looking to get some peace, quiet, and nature.
                                                               —Jack Stahl, San Francisco, California
And a real rarity in August, 2015...
Here's a video of Maliko Falls starting up as if someone turned on the faucet. Just an accumulation of mountain rainfall, coupled with ground saturation. A nice sunny day and instant waterfall! This waterfall is visible from Maliko Retreat as well as Maliko Coffee Cabin.


Located just below historic Makawao Town between Sunnyside and Haiku there's a coffee farm that beautifully co-exists with nature: Maliko Estate Coffee. Maliko Stream is lined with kukui trees and these trees shade the Bourbon coffee orchard lovingly maintained by Maurice and Sydney Smith.

 A thick carpet of leaf mulch, kukui nuts and wood chips cover the paths between the rows of Maliko's coffee trees. Wild Hawaiian ginger, heliconia and wild bananas all thrive beneath the forest canopy. Pueo (native owls), nene (Hawaiian geese), plovers, stilts, majiros, hwamei, egrets and mynah birds are just some of the numerous bird species to be found here.

Coffee is related to the gardenia. When coffee blooms, a few days after a good rain, the valley is filled with the intoxicating fragrance.

House Rules

House Policy

Quiet hours are from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m., during which time the noise from the cottage
shall not unreasonably disturb adjacent neighbors. Sound that is audible beyond the property 
boundaries during non-quiet hours shall not be more excessive than would otherwise 
be associated with a residential area.

Amplified sound that is audible beyond the property boundaries is prohibited.
Please keep the peace in the jungle.

Vehicles shall be parked in the parking area in front of the cottage 
and shall not be parked on the street.

No parties or group gatherings other than registered guests shall occur without 
written permission from the owners: Sydney or Maurice Smith.

You need a tour before you can explore on your own. Some areas are not appropriate for swimming and some areas are private property. 

If you invite others to enjoy the grounds for hiking or swimming please inform the owners. Your guests will need to sign a waiver.

Swim at your own risk! No lifeguard is on duty!

No smoking. This is a non-smoking property!

Smoke detectors are provided in each cottage. Fire Extinguishers are located in each cottage. In case of fire, get yourself and loved ones outside the house and call 911 immediately.

The Pavilion

Perched on the edge of the canyon overlooking Maliko Stream.

Flowers all grown on the farm.


We enjoyed the property at Maliko Retreat on Maui. Sydney was a great host and she gave us a personal tour of her property. We enjoyed it very much and it brought back memories for my husband, as a child. We enjoyed the property's privacy, it was so quiet and the views of the ocean and the mountain, were spectacular. We will return and we reccommand this property, as a must stay property. Mahalo Nui Loa, Sydney!!

                                                                                    Mrs. Rosa, Sr, Las Vegas, NV

Oh my gosh, what a dream! Amazing cottage in the middle of paradise!
                                                                                    Sophia Johler, Switzerland

Staying at Maliko Retreat was probably the best decision I've ever made. Sydney was wonderful from the very start. She gave me step by step directions on how to get to the beautiful cottage and once I arrived, I was greeted with soothing music and a gracious host. The cottage is perfect - I was traveling alone but it would be an excellent getaway for friends, couples, family or in my case - a perfect spot to relax with the company of a book. The cottage is very spacious and encourages you to cook in the full kitchen because you have the view of the reserve and the ocean. My two favorite spots were the bearclaw bathtub (with bubble bath included) and the upstairs deck where I read during most of my stay. The cottage is clean and has everything you need to cook, along with a library of books lined on the shelves just in case you want to be enticed by a new story. It is just a 5 minute drive to restaurants, grocery store, gas station and little shops. Sydney also gave me a tour of the coffee plantation grounds where we explored the beauty of nature, wildlife and fresh fruits which we ate off the trees (delicious!). I also heard the inspiring story of her quest to renew the area and start a coffee farm. She shared a lot of Hawaiian history and it was the best tour I had during my stay on Maui. Afterwards, I joined Sydney for a basket weaving class where we made baskets out of palms - so fun and a great way to relax under the canopy of trees - and also a perfect momento to bring back (I just got a lily to put in my vase today and proudly displayed my work :) ). I can't give more of a raving review for this little miracle in Makawao - if you don't stay here I promise you'll be missing a very special piece of Maui. I loved every moment of it's serenity, beauty, and relaxation and can't wait to return.
                                                                                     Ashley Lawson, Washington D.C.

After spending a week in a condo on the touristy west side, it was time for some peace and quiet in the mountains. I had expectations of a hopefully remote area with some trees and streams to take in the wonders of the rainforest. When we pulled up to the house we were blown away. I thought I was stepping into Shangri-la. This place stands atop a mountain overlooking a lush tropical rainforest valley that offers a view of the ocean that should have a sign out front, ‘Scenic View,’ for tourists to stop and take pictures. The house is really cool from the outside, decked out like an ideal getaway, but when you step inside it really takes your breath away. It is a multi-level house designed for maximum viewing, naturally lit and ventilated, totally belonging to the surrounding environment. We had Makawao, Paia and Haiku to tour, but never wanted to venture away from the house, so beautiful and relaxing was the scene. When we did, however, the locals were clearly cut from a different cloth and we got to know the real Maui. The morning greets you with a flock of exotic finches dining from the feeder on the back porch. You step out the front door to a couple of native quails, deer up the driveway moving along their morning graze and the diversity of the natural flora and fauna just goes from there. I’ve always been an avid naturalist and as soon as Sydney found out I like critters she hooked me up with an impromptu venture to identify amphibious species of the jungle nightlife. The next day she took me on a tour of the coffee plantation, just showing me around their property. It was more impressive than the high dollar tours you buy from the keosks in Lahaina. I really don’t know why haven’t seen these scenes on National Geographic, but let’s just keep this a sleeper as long as we can. Both Sydney and Maurice were so friendly and accommodating that we invited them over from their busy schedule for a barbeque the last night of our stay. I’d rather do that again than venture out to the expensive restaurants on the coast any day. With fresh cut Hawaiian mesquite to fire the grill or the living room wood stove, who needs another fish burger? This was our first trip to Maui, but certainly not the last. Our new mission is to save our pennies for the next 300 days so that we can go back there to spend just one more week. Oh, and for the record, the coffee is sublime
                                                                                   Carl Peterson, Kansas City, Missouri

We couldn't have asked for a more delightful stay. Sydney's Oceanview Retreat was exactly that, a retreat from the outside world with incredible views of the ocean, and Heaven if you looked closely enough. I could have easily abandoned my life back home and escaped to this serene place forever. Sydney was a very gracious host, who offered her calming energy, as well as, a wealth of knowledge of her land and of the state of Hawaii free of charge. The Jungle tour opened our eyes, and helped us wrap our brains around the rich history and fauna of this lush tropical paradise. Inside, everything was in its right place, with an artists attention to detail around ever corner.This home's design allows you to feel like you are one with nature whether you are inside or out. Vented Glass walls allowed for beams of tropical sunlight and fresh fruit scented air to slip in from every direction of any room. The entire property is awe inspiring. Everyone should have the opportunity to experience this Gem at least once in a life time. Our only regrets were that we couldn't stay longer, and that we didn't have more time to visit with Sydney and her husband. We will be back. P.S. Their coffee is absolutely fabulous!
                                                                                   Lyndsy Manceaux, Abbeville, Louisiana

The Renovation

The front of Maliko Retreat

This unique cottage is built on a precipice of land and overlooks upland forest and the Maliko River valley. From the north lana'i one can look all the way down the valley to the Kahului Harbor and Pacific Ocean and not see another building. Beneath the jungle canopy below are the carefully tended coffee trees of Maliko Estate Coffee.
This painting by Edward Bailey, from the mid-1800s shows two grass houses in the upper right. This is the precipice where Maliko Retreat stands now. The original of this painting hangs in the Bailey House Museum in Wailuku.

Juliet Balcony overlooking living room.
Before coffee cultivation this area of Maui County was pineapple country. The Hali'imaile Pineapple Company still operates out of nearby Hali'imaile.

A stained glass window salvaged from a historic pineapple baron's home adds an elegant touch to the decor. The living room has a cathedral ceiling and floor to ceiling windows on the ocean-view side of the room. A woodstove adds warmth and coziness during the cooler winter months.
Living Room.

Stair landing.

Views of the Pacific ocean and Haleakala change dramatically throughout the day.
A cruise ship comes in to Kahului Harbor early in the morning. View from the bedroom of Maliko Cottage.

As beautiful as the cottage is, the true star is the surrounding property.

Unspoiled by development or mechanized farming, this upland-forest is teaming with wildlife. Bird-watching by day and star-gazing by night away from the lights of the city is inspiring. 

View from the bed at Maliko Retreat.

Java Sparrow in blooming schefflera.                                   

The spacious bathroom accommodates a separate shower and the original claw-footed soaking tub. From the tub one can enjoy unencumbered views of Haleakala. 

Complete privacy makes having lots of windows in the bathroom an enjoyable experience.  

Leaded window over French door leading to private lanai.

Restored original claw-foot tub from when the house was built many years ago.
The house is carefully maintained. All the charm and character of the original house has been retained and enhanced.

Pineapple corbels add charm to the covered dining lanai.
Outdoor dining room with kitchen pass-through. A combination of stone tiles and stones from Maliko Stream make a unique wall treatment.

The Retreat is located on the very top of a ridge overlooking the Maliko Valley and affords views of the summit of Haleakala to the Pacific Ocean. The cottage is completely private and is surrounded by the Maliko Estate Coffee plantation.

The kitchen was renovated using salvaged materials and cabinet hardware made from recycled Coke bottle glass. Wavy, hand-rolled glass in the windows are all original to the house.

Maliko Cottage